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Monday, May 9, 2011

We are Legit in the 'Hood!

We are back in our comfy, mostly bug-free home and reflecting fondly on that unfinished place up north.  I don't have photos of staged rooms, but I am proud to say that we have a legitimate street address!  This is harder than it sounds.  Wild Rice Electric can deliver service to the cabin and properly bill us, but they didn't have a correct address.  When we looked into that, it turned out that the cabin has never had a street number.  This never bothered anybody, since most people figured street addresses were for receiving mail and unwanted guests, neither of which were deemed necessary for a lake place.  But in today's world of safety-minded paranoids like us, we are partial to the notion of having a 911 identifier, and this turns out to look an awful lot like a street address:
But the Mahnomen County Sheriff's Department shall not be rushed on such matters.  After all, in a real emergency, anyone within 50 miles knows that the address of our cabin is "Two Doors Down from Paul Roy."  In fact, if you said anything other than that in an actual 911 call, the responders would be delayed while the dispatcher looked up your silly street number address.  So it was a full year from the time Dave first called upon the Sheriff's department until we were granted our 911 identifier.  We find it helpful.  I don't think it ruins the ambiance of the place.

We are most excited about the new roof that will go on the cabin next week.  Look for more pictures, proud descriptions of how the porch doesn't leak any more, and glowing reviews of our contractor.  I know I can't wait!
Eagerly, Amy

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