This is a blog where we keep you all updated on what's new and what's timeless at Lloyd's Landing on South Twin Lake.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ready for Renters

The first renters of the season are arriving tomorrow!  It's never as ready as we want it to be, but we're pretty pleased with the cabin overall.  Mostly, it's a beautiful thing to have a roof that doesn't leak.  Here's a view of our stunning new roof, which is steel in Hunter Green:

We had been planning to have my wonderful brothers come and help install some new windows over Memorial Day weekend, but unfortunately, the windows didn't arrive until June.  Adrift without windows to install, they kept mumbling something about never getting in a sailboat on this lake and they wandered around the property until they found something useful to do: put a steel roof on the hapless little Tool House!

Every time we make a run to the dump, we take at least one interesting item out of the Tool House.  There's just so much to choose from.  Who amongst us would clean a fish with a rusty curry comb?  So I take that to the dump.  I think my favorite item was an oddly shaped piece of heavy canvas that was imprinted with "Reward. If found, call Joe Schmoe, 555-2525"  I say Joe Schmoe because it was a name I didn't recognize at all.  I first wondered which Hylden was attempting to claim the reward, and then I wondered who would offer a reward for an oddly shaped piece of canvas.  Dave studied it for a minute, and then wisely concluded that this was actually a cover for a boat motor.  Judging from the age and wear of the canvas, the motor was no longer worthy of a reward, even if Joe were alive at the number listed.  So it went to the dump.

When my laptop is reunited with the camera and a USB cable, I'll post more photos of the many improvements to Lloyd's Landing.
Enjoy, Amy