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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The birds are busy, and so are we

Yesterday morning the lake was like glass, which is beautiful all by itself, with the stark trees reflecting off the surface in the soft morning light.  But it also highlights how busy the birds are this time of year.  Every time a pair flapped and squawked at each other, the whole lake rippled, and you realized how much they all have to do. 

I've never been much of a birdwatcher, but up here, even I can get into it--at least I can spot the big birds.  We've seen ducks, snow geese, hawks, bald eagles, and of course, the uppity loon.  They know everyone is trying to imitate their call, and it makes them the smuggest birds on the lake. 
This morning the wind kicked up, probably in advance of a good storm, we're trying to get as much raking done as possible.  Once the rain starts, we'll return to our inside projects, which include finishing off a bedroom and enclosing the closet in the bathroom.  The closet in the bathroom is where we placed the water heater and pump, so it's truly a water closet.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures of finished projects by the end of the week!
Ever the optimist, Amy

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