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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life shouldn't imitate TV commercials

There are no pictures in this post because we have just about every room in the cabin in some state of repair.  The remaining rooms are stacked with furniture, wall hangings, and boxes of blankets and towels.  The kitchen is at least usable.

The whole week has been a lot like a Cialis commercial, where you're up to your elbows in paint and dry wall dust until the walls fall aside to reveal a picturesque lakeside setting.  The only difference is that our walls are not props and when they fall down it's usually from dry rot brought on by 40 years of neglectful cheapskates who all happen to be my relatives.  Then, as we're re-constructing the walls and NOT thinking about matching clawfooted bathtubs, Dave goes on a rant about the shoddy workmanship of the Hyldens.  Eventually we resolve the whole thing by going to the Pinehurst to watch hockey.

Actually, we haven't had a single wall fall down this week, and while Dave continues to question some of the construction choices made over the years, we really haven't had any unpleasantly large surprises.  That could change in 10 days, when we get a new roof.  But for now, we're pretty happy with the progress we're making.  I don't know how much we'll have staged by the time we leave tomorrow, but things are heading in the right direction.

Optimistically, Amy

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