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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

CousinFest 2011 a success!

Even though a few of you (a-HEM, Eric, Heather) thought you had more glamorous places to be, those of us who came to the Lloyd's Landing Open House enjoyed a picture perfect day, decent food, cold beer, and of course, engaging and lively conversation from some of the most fascinating people you could hope to meet.

Kathy Adams joined us on Friday afternoon, so it was great to get the extra help getting ready, but even more enjoyable to get so much of her undivided attention!  We caught up on all the family, shared stories, and swapped recipes. 

Betsy and Mike Kileen brought Aunt Loretto, and it was great to catch up with her.  Uncle John came with his daughters Mary Jo, Sara, and Laura, and son-in-law Ken.  They were tickled with the improvements since they last saw the cabin, and didn't seem to brokenhearted about all the 70s wallpaper that is no more.

Chris Nelson came by with his friend Lorne and dog Lily, and shared some insights about the "Maurie years."  We also shared Paul Roy's version of the Canoe Incident, which both Chris and Loretto enjoyed. 

My sisters Breta and Julie were both able to join as well, with Breta brilliantly reducing her drive time by flying to Fargo and driving from there.

We will definitely do this again, and hopefully even more Hyldens will be able to join.  Thanks to all of you for the love and support you've given Dave and I as we have transformed This Old Cabin into Lloyd's Landing.

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