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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Collecting the 2011 lists

Dave and I are preparing for what is now our annual opening week at the cabin.  Both this year and last, we take a full week in early May, just the two of us. Even though it's all work and no play, we enjoy having the time together.  Well, there is a little bit of play--the NHL playoffs are on the big screen at the Pinehurst every night! 

So last year we loaded up the van with what we thought were the right tools and went up with not much more than a positive attitude.  We spent the first two days dealing with water issues, which hopefully won't haunt us this year, since we got a new well in June last year.  Overall we spent quite a bit of time driving to the nearest home improvement warehouse, which is 45 minutes away.

This year I'm better prepared with my lists.  I've got a list of top priority jobs, rainy day jobs, jobs I can do while Dave runs to Home Depot, and nice-to-have jobs.  I've got lists of gear to bring, cleaning supplies, and groceries.  I've got lists of things to do before we leave and people to contact while we're there.  The positive attitude is still riding shotgun, but naivetee has been left behind.

Here's a picture of the adjacent State Forest from Spring, 2010.  It's been a cold winter, so I'm thinking things won't be so green up there this time.

Thinking warm thoughts, Amy

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